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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it

During the makeup test for my upcoming performance/ live art making/ projection show STARDUST: Life on Jupiter? makeup artist Wanda MacRae and I created a universe we both wanted to play in.  We talked about the elements that we had in place and with that created a very simple performance based around the haircut, makeup and styling which transforms me into David Bowie’s character Ziggy Stardust in 3.5 hours, covered by entertainment reporter Katie Uhlmann, three go pro cameras and two art video interns that are “Stardust Technicians”.
Soundtrack by Wanda MacRae based on our mutual love of Bowie, Gaga, Boy George and a few other inspirations. My projected Stardust Video Studies will loop on the back wall of the gallery for the entire event.
I enter the gallery at 7pm with my wet hair in a towel, wearing a white lab coat. While my hair is pre dyed under the towel and my eyebrows are pre waxed and drawn on, I look essentially like myself. Wanda, the makeup artist is the “STARDUST Surgeon” as she is responsible for my transformation of my head. Wanda and I met performing with Erotic Nightmare a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast (I was Brad she was Janet) so we inserting a Rocky Horror feel. Our all female surgical crew will be dressed fashionably yet medically and have Wanda’s implements on silver trays. Both STARDUST Technicians are art video interns, they will have matching Canon Cameras and their second job is to record the event as creatively as they see fit. They will have the Stardust Lightning bolt on their faces.
I will sit in a hairdressers chair in the window of the Black Cat Gallery and absorb the feeling of the transformation while Wanda works. Once my hair is cut and styled I will put on one blue contact lens and partially dress under the lab coat, for the makeup portion.
To build toward the ending, the white face powder will be brought out on a mirror by one STARDUST Technician while the second technician brings be a carton of whole milk. During the time Bowie was Stardust he imbibed only cocaine and whole milk. My white powder is face powder but that doesn’t mean we can’t cut it with a credit card. And I will be handed the whole milk, a treat for me once I’m STARDUST complete. I’m hoping Maha Richi, a stylist I’ve known since high school who is dressing me will be able to be there to put jacket/  the final touches on me for the cameras.
The STARDUST Technicians will countdown and pop glitter canons to signify the transformation is complete. I will mingle for the rest of the evening enjoying my milk after my Stardust Surgery.
Off all the wonderful work I have had the privilege of doing in recent years, this is what I’m most excited for. To see how it feels and how the world treats me when I have an orange mullet and no eyebrows.
The rest of the week I’ll be pulling my art practise from The Haus of Dada into The Black Cat gallery 2-6pm. Also by appointment in the evenings. I invite to come watch, play, interact, co- create or just look through the window while I play, shoot, edit, score and project as I work.
Wanda and I doing makeup test.

Wanda and I doing makeup test.

Closing party I’ll be Ten Foot Tall Queen of Stardust, with glorious rainbow gown by Vanessa Lee Wishart and video legs by Forever Epic Films.

Sneak peek at Vanessa Lee Wishart’s glorious rainbow gown for closing party

Thanks everyone who has helped me bring this to life.
Cheers and as always thanks to David Bowie himself, the quintessential artist mentor.
xo Lisa Anita Wegner

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To embrace the high angle and tall shape of The Window Box I found myself looking up into the empty Gallery 1313 Window Box space while contemplating what I wanted to fill it with. While I was contemplating someone took a picture of me. I have been fascinated by the fact that so many Smart Phone users now choose to interact with the world through the lens of their phones, constantly taking photos and video of everything that they experience and interact with. Even more fascinating is their desire, at events such as concerts, to take pictures of themselves with the action in the background, with this seemingly as important a part of the event as witnessing it firsthand. As an installation and performance artist, I have been struck by how a good 80% of the audience opt to look at my work through their phones.


The installation #windowboxselfie that will be in Gallery 1313’s Window Box during July of 2014, is designed to play on this compulsion, creating an invitation to its viewers to create a self-portrait while they take a picture of an art installation. The round mirror angled toward the viewer shows their face while jewel-tone film gels create a halo around their face. Mirror film with RoscoFlex S lighting gel creates a surreal reflective surface, giving the viewer a playful saint-like self-portrait created from their own reflection, in a celebration of the self made possible through new technology.



The title #windowboxselfie is printed in on the glass front of the Window Box so that it will be captured in each photo taken; and this will result in the Window Box exhibition space itself proliferating in self-portraits posted on social media.


Through the artist’s and Gallery 1313’s online social media, there will also be opportunities for viewers to see the best of submitted selfies, and vote for those they like best in various categories, continuing the interactive nature of the installation.


#windowboxselfie was created by Lisa Anita Wegner, and continues the trends of her recent art practice in its use of found objects, and the theme of reflection. This installation in particular focuses on using film expendables for the majority of its construction, creating extra layers of meaning in using film supplies to create a ‘set’ that then encourages people to make their own ‘filmic’ records.



Construction and design expertise was provided by Nikolai Berda of Longbranch Design, a company which specializes in providing design solutions for professionals in various creative fields. This is the third collaboration between Lisa Anita Wegner and Longbranch Design, with their design and fabrication skills having previously brought her installations for ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2013 and ARTrageous Art In Motion 2014 to life.


Materials for the installation have been supplied by The Haus of Dada, Lisa Anita Wegner’s film and art collective, with additional funding provided by Partners In Art.  Process video by Lisa Anita Wegner


We encourage taking and tagging of #WINDOWBOXSELFIE selfies. We will choose from the most interesting ones and prizes will be awarded and at the end of the month. So come to Gallery1313 at 1313 Queen Street West, take a look into the mirrors and take a picture of yourself.


The only thing missing is you.


Here is a short video of how we made it



Taking a Selfie Has More to Do With Self Worth Than You Realize: Read what Molly Fosco at Huffington Post has to say



instagram @gallery1313 @lisa_anita_wegner @longbranchdesign

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I tell people all the time that I meditate but so far I’ve laid pretty low about my meditation buddy Ziggy Stardust.  It sheds light on my fascination, for those interested in such shedding.

Lately in my meditations when I look in a mirror I see a mashup of myself as/and Ziggy Stardust. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to have him lounging emanating pure pleasure and joy. This is in a meditation space where usually there is blank slate. I have a wild imagination but have tamed it diligently over the years- I’m pretty good at clearing my mind and creating a blank scene.  When outside chatter quiets and I’m able to hear myself Stardust is there I let him sit. Sometimes he offers a comment but often is silent looking at me knowingly.
I’ve been compelled into creative action by this character more than an I ever expected.  I dig Bowie but it’s his 1973 spaceman rock god that has my imagination hostage recently. I started to get a sense that somehow I was seeing an unexplored aspect of myself.  I became compelled to try him on for size.
At Andrew Williamson’s gallery The Black Cat on July 31st 2014  I will perform a live transformation. Wanda MacRae hair and makeup artist will make the magic while I experience it. She will dye, cut and make me up replicating the Life on Mars video. Ouchy eyebrow removal also onsite. Of all the awesome  upcoming work, I am the most excited about his.
After we have some matching footage of the LOM video I’m going to figure out the next step. The rest of the week I’m editing live and filming in the gallery basically moving my art practise into a public space. Want to know how I make what I do, here’s your chance.  I just now realized I want to set up a go pro all week. I also have a second Stardust transformation happening on a lovely fellow in my life who looks like Bowie thus we will shoot Stardust on Stardust, the crescendo of the ultimate creative wank. Incidentally one of my dogs looks like the canine from Diamond Dogs album over so some half dog half human action is terrifyingly in order.
In 1973, the year that I was born David Bowie lived as Stardust for one year. I love that he knew the perfect length for an alien rockstar to live and killed him off in his prime. So somehow in 73 that poked into my imagination’s DNA.  I  have no idea where this is going to go, but I can’t wait to see the world treats me sporting the Stardust.

I declare myself officially part of the huge pool of artists inspired by the space man himself. Thanks Zig. Thanks Bowie. I am so excited to see where this door takes me and I’ll see you on the other side.
Now back to prepping video content for a group show UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and then dodging raindrops with the diamond dogs.
LAW of Transformation:
Life on Jupiter
the law of ziggy

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My stories come out clear, focussed, on track and on fire. I can’t believe how satisfying my day to day  life has become.  I am able to keep on a steady creative train and keep it moving slowly and surely. My bodies of work are merging and they feel flesh and blood real to me. I feel peaceful calm every day and nothing is nothing more important to me anymore than my own well being. I know exactly what I have to do. I see my plans, my collaborations, my shots, my images, feel the feelings. I am a blessed artist- a creator of worlds.

As I have since I got sick, I get hit by crippling exhaustion that knocks me right on my back when I push myself. I’m getting better at listening to my Spidey senses and taking care of things before they hit exhaustion and cognitive slippage. Since late last week I was incapacitated, moving from one piece of furniture to another, trying to muster the strength to buy groceries or take my dogs out. I feel like five years later I should be better at managing this, and I have to remember how far I have come. And with a stress disorder my chemicals shoot powerfully and my guidance system when it wants me to stop, it screams at me and knocks me to the ground.

And while this feels like a cruel blessing sometimes, I can’t ignore my inner voice. After trauma I find my inner voice yells. It’s yelling “take exquisite care of yourself” and now I am an overprotective mother to myself, sending myself home to rest when I need.

I was intending to write a bit about my bodies of work, to clarify them for myself but I don’t have it in me today.

I have a few errands to run for Queen of the Parade 2014, my next installation that will be at ARTRageous In Motion Fundraiser in Toronto in two days. Tomorrow I have marked a day of rest and recharging my batteries in preparation.



Off to take care of myself and make final preparations
Cheerios and love
Lisa Anita Wegner


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I am thrilled to bring one facet of  the TRIANGLE ascension experience to the opening of DIGITIZE, a show running at Moniker Gallery March 6-12. Come March 6th 7pm -11pm see all the art and ascend with me in my multi projector experience.

Here is a taste of the inaugural blastoff that was Feb 1st at Belljar.

TRIANGLE is a three location ascension experience with blastoff being October2014. The triangle is an ancient symbol used to meditate on ascension, as a conduit for higher energies, and as a cosmic aerial to receive the frequency of a higher realm. A triangle opens your third eye. Come be a part of 3 distinct sound and projection environments with timed performances by the artist who will be your Guide, ensuring your comfort during your intergalactic travel. The TRIANGLE will be located between 2186 Dundas -an art hub- The Belljar Bar and Cafe -a social hub- and Lisa Anita Wegner’s studio -an imagination hub- which closes the triangle.

Come and experience TRIANGLE, where everything mundane will be transformed into the marvelous. As all space and time exist in one moment, travel in and out is accessible to those who use the vehicle of the triangle.

Born from my Dada dream lab experiments, TRIANGLE began with the notion that with imagination, the mundane can transformed into marvellous. The various video images start with mundane footage, a flower, my feet walking, a few seconds of an octopus shooting ink. Through layering and playing with timeline I create what I call video studies. They are an everyday part of my art practise, a visual diary.

My art practice has a focus on re-birth, redemption, transformation, and process work, using a multi-media approach that fearlessly probes for the truth, richness and hard-won lessons from my personal journey over the past half-decade that has confonted me with extraordinary difficulties. Emerging from my personal darkness, I have come to love rhythm and repetition both on and off beats; as well as the beauty and possibilities of found objects – even with technology.  I work with a pastiche of donated equipment, and have embraced both the imperfections and new creative possibilities that result.

While spending time at three venues, I noticed that my studio, The Belljar Cafe, and 2186 Dundas gallery were located in a triangle. When I started researching the three-angled shape, TRIANGLE was born.

I am experimenting with a performing persona who lives outside the space/ time continuum. For TRIANGLE she will be the Guide, walking earthlings from one venue to another while performing in each projection once every hour. She wears a dress made from da-lite project screens and all her exposed skin is covered with white makeup.

the law of ziggy

My current body of work includes Dada Lab Experiments in which a multimedia “history” is created through spontaneous exploration for both myself and Haus of Dada, my studio. A silent black and white film titled Sunbathing on Mars 1916 is the backbone of this multi-year project. This for me is the ultimate creative freedom. As a trauma survivor, there is something cathartic in the ability to recreate myself and revise my history; and now TRIANGLE will be the first stage in inventing my future.


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I have found such ultimate freedom and creativity in rewriting my history. Having Tobias Funke murder the real me is opening up the universe. My art flows through Mama Dada and I can’t wait to see what kind of child she raises. I now envision a Dada Nation, a place that my family builds where no linear timeline exists and all the rules are broken.

Mama Dada was an old child and every day she is getting younger. Papa Dada is so in love with her.

dada stamp

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in-the-moment story creation is the most fun thing i can imagine. i am totally hooked. i lose myself completely in all parts of the process. with an idea of the direction i’m going based on intuition, images and feelings. i find half in the moment of shooting and half during picture and sound editing. i usually see a couple of steps ahead but those can change based on what i find in the moment. while i tend to have a clear idea of what i am looking for, i surprise myself with sometime finding more authentic, unexpected or wilder than i imagined. like mama dada having two heads on occasion.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.19.34 PM

i see clearly what i am shooting tomorrow, therefore, i know i’m on the right track. i am actually compelled to start shooting right now fifteen after midnight, but slow is my new fast. enjoy the time to play create and i a learning to take a breath in between.

your ’till the usa drinks canada dry
lisa anita wegner

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today was the first day of mama dada experiment:

i can’t get enough of these. i think i will have a big dada family:
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.06.17 PM


I have a vision of creating myself as a whole family. Father, mother, self, sister, brother, child. I saw it as a silent black and white film series telling the fictional history of the Haus of Dada. The beginning is the meeting of Mama and Papa Dada. Mama Dada is an artist and Papa is a romantic fool who does everything Mama’s love. He is in love with the reflection of himself in her.

Slow is the new fast, so I decided to break this down to tiny pieces. Today I found a look and the beginning of Papa. He turned out silly and vain feeling like the bastard child of The Burger King and Dali. I think I’m onto something. Papa’s musical uncle is Klaus Nomi.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 12.11.50 AM

With this act, I activate the history of the Haus and so Papa Dada is born. Happy Birthday Papa I look forward to meeting you soon again.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 12.09.19 AM

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Art Right Now
Current Projects and Collaborations:
  • Haus of Dada Happening Series: unadvertised pop-up projections installations
  • Sleight of Gesture, interactive digital magic show in collaboration with Vincent John Vincent of GestureTek
  • LAW of TRANSFORMATION: research. Video series with live gallery transformation by hair and makeup artist Wanda MacRae.
  • You are Mother Nature. A performance art and interactive projection showMoment Factory Me: Dada Dreams Laboratory video series
  • Ongoing body of pixel paintings
  • Daily video experiments
  • Ongoing body of collages with found objects
  • Ongoing series of self portraits: moving + still
  • Flash Mob concept creation and execution
In development:
  • My Favourite Mistake: White Tragedy Feature Film
  • Welcome to Your Guidance System: Inner.Space
  • Neverwet on White: You are The Artist
  • A collaboration with Istavan Cantor

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I had my first projection happening on New Years Day. It was -19 degrees outside and I had a flu that had knocked me almost senseless. I had set up and tested the equipment the day before when I had my wits about me, so I decided to go ahead with it as planned. And I’m very glad I did.

I had my first projection happening at haus of dada on New Years Day 2014. I showed rear projections out the large front windows at the Haus of Dada, to surprise some passerby. It was -19 degrees outside and I had a flu that had knocked me almost senseless. I had setup and tested the equipment in advance so I decided to go ahead with it as planned. I’m very glad that I did. 
I cancelled my camera person because I thought I might be contagious. I was woozy on cold and flu medication and had to set my alarm for ten to 7pm to turn on the set up. When I tested it I didn’t watch all the way through there are some pieces with words and when they came up in the program I realized I didn’t flip to rear projection so it was really a show for me, lying on the couch in the main room. Sweating, coughing and buzzed on flu meds.
I was intending to have a few folks inside the main room to watch with me, but I was in so shape to receive anyone, so locked the outside door. I set up a camera in the locked porch. I forgot that camera batteries don’t do well in a deep freeze.
So I watched the program from inside, in silence (nauseous headache required silence) and I appreciated again how my video work is like my visual diary. The vids I showed were all made in the last six months and it was a walk down memory lane for me. I am happily reminded my art is really for me.
Watching the smaller screen with the sped up process videos of me working was interesting. When I’m actually working I go out of myself and lose time and space. Watching me making stuff is surreal: I know it’s me but I don’t have a specific memory of it.
There was deep freeze and black ice on the sidewalks. I left one window without a screen so I could look out. One person, possibly still drunk for new years eve, yelled that they could watch my videos forever. I was the most interested in the walk by traffic and their response to an unexpected light show. I will definitely be doing an ongoing of series of these unexpected unadvertised happenings.
Two days later I woke up at 6am. I still feel gross but I can’t sleep and decided to write this. I am happy.
It happened
I saw

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A message I got from WordPress: “A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,200 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 37 trips to carry that many people. In 2013, there were 7 new posts, 9 pictures uploaded.” I felt like I blogged more than seven times last year. This Churchill quote about the Battle of Britain makes me chuckle when I think about it in terms of blogging: “Never Has So Much Been Said About So Little (and read) by So Few”. I’m going to blog more often and more thoroughly from now on. The shape of my art practise is to document my days and my experiences in pictures, moving pictures and installation art. I think for 2014 I’m going to add words to that mix more deliberately. There was an interest from Cormorant Books last year in the story of how art saved my life, but it didn’t flow yet. Perhaps a few years premature. I won’t be writing it myself, however, blogging gets the words out of me for a writer to shape down the road.

Finding a performing persona is on my mind: I never thought something like this would ever be of interest to me- I’m such an authenticity junkie. I realized the type of persona I am looking for it something brought forth from a part of me that I am comfortable with, something I am authentic within. And then blow that aspect up larger than life, into a persona to play with and have access to for use in my installations. This persona quest is working toward a specific performance in October, but now I want to find it for myself. I have dropped into my body very deeply in the last few months. And I realized that while I am very physical and thought I was in tune with my body, I never use my physicality as part of my storytelling. I started to free that part of me, and I’m looking forward what might grow out of it. I remember being a bear mascot years ago and when I was completely unrecognizable I was dancing hard and audience was responding. I want to find that freedom in a less heated less furry suit. I want to find that freedom in my own skin. Then I can really do something. Now that I’ve spent an intensive five years of truthful self investigation, and the last several months amping up the listening, I feel ready to transform this authenticity and comfort into a real story telling tool. I love performance installations and realize I will probably do these for the rest of my life.

Steps toward finding this: Research by trying on other personas that I find fascinating. Personas that helped artist come into themselves. My first live transformation in a gallery will be LAW of TRANSFORMATION: Research: Ziggy Stardust. Transformation by yours truly and hair and makeup by Wanda McRae. I am shockingly stoked to have no eyebrows and an orange mullet. Or Moulet as I will call it when it’s on my head.

My brain is so deep into my next year of art and film production- and it fulfills me and clarifies what’s important. I don’t know what I ever did when I was just making films and had no daily creative output. I could never go back. And I could never go back to not meditating either, I can’t stop listening. I have never been healthier,  happier, more certain, more calm and more sure I am doing things in life that are best for me. Two thousand and fourteen, bring it on. I am ready for you with open arms.

Blogs: Never before have so many written so much to be read by so few. Amen.

Happy New Year

LAWthe law of ziggy

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welcome to my haus


6 peanut butter balls left in the whole tin

5 days to the haus of dada happening

4 cookies fit in my mouth at once

3 rear projection screens fitted, cut and edged

2 video playlist curated, created, tested and ready to screen

1 new idea, set-up, experience and the documentation of it

0 things left to do


perhaps an ongoing series of happenings?


3 screens, roscoe half white

i’m heading outside for a spin around the ‘hood with the canine component

venus is in the haus, of dada




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i am currently watching through my programming for the haus of dada new year’s day happening, removing a few short pieces that weren’t up to snuff. i have decided to go with the large 60 inch projection being a one hour collection of my favourite video studies and I think the 30 inch projection will be a short program of drawing vids. I have decided to make this happening at the haus only- i was originally thinking of running the same program at the andrew williamson’s art gallery at 2186 dundas.  i am not advertising this happening- although a handful of people have requested to watch. the same program with sound will be playing inside the main room and anyone interested is welcome to join. i am most interested in the walk by traffic and how they respond to an unexpected light show.
i was going to write about my razor blade experiment on new years day, when it would have been 365 days but i had an impulse to write this today. this idea was sparked in high school when kate meier had bought a cool man and woman shaped toothbrush and disposable razor set. i thought it was cool looking razor an thought it was a shame it didn’t have changeable blades- at that time i bought into the idea that a disposable blade only worked for a few shaves. kate had this razor for months and months and way back then i started questioning all that throwing out of razors so quickly was necessary.
now i must say here i don’t shave every day and i don’t have a lot of unwanted hair. but…. i started a disposable razor last new years day. i have used it every few days since then. i rinse it thoroughly and at the end take an old toothbrush and clean all the soap residue off it. it has stayed not only usable but effective. i just shaved my legs this morning with it- no discomfort and perfectly smooth skin. i have two more disposable razors in the pack, and i thought i would start a new one this new years day. now i don’t see why- i’ll keep using the same one until there is a reason to throw it out.
i am taking this festive week before new years eve to do some hardcore chillaxing with my people and to dream up things i want to do next.
love and other indoor sports
be good to each other



Yesterday I sat straight up awake while I was meditating and I saw the elements of a new art installation. Now that I’m sitting in silence and listening inwardly on a daily basis, my interior world has become clear and more obvious to me. I rejoice that I feel a clear connection to my creativity and to what is important.
This installation will take awhile to shape. I feel like this a way to tie together all intense experiences in my life, and contemplate my take on the human emotional and physical guidance system. I have a couple of visuals in mind, I’ve sketched them out and I’m keen to see which one will stay in the long run. I saw a mirrored room which gives the feeling of Inner Space where the audience will step in with me. I am keen to see how projections would bounce in such a space. And what happens when I write on the mirror.
I overheard someone on the street say “I wish I didn’t have emotions, I hate them.” I kept thinking about this sentence and I realized that I understand my emotions as my Guidance System. And they are the very thing that makes me human, they are the boundaries that make us separate. To ask to have no emotion is a plea to feel better, but it is basically to wish yourself away. And then I realized more than that I saw my all emotions were like my little buddy sitting on my lap. Now that I work closely with my little buddy I realize my emotions know more than I do about myself. And a body carries a lot of intelligence and I am learning to also listen to somatic resources. With my stress disorder, for years my emotions felt unhinged and totally overwhelming. One of the ways that I dealt with my screaming emotions was to figure them out, figure myself out and set my life in clear healthy order. Every day I work to be more honest with myself and to truthfully face what my inner world is telling me.
So not only have I made peace with my emotions and guidance system, I want to create an art installation that rejoices in this and might give the audience a glimpse into how they might make  peace with themselves. To be in a healthy balanced helm of their own existence. And live a life perfectly suited.
It will be fun cool and spacey, nothing preachy or dreary by any means. I want to synthesize my ideas into the shape of this installation. The process will be mostly for me. And then the piece, I think, will really tell the story of what I learned so far about being human.

guidance system

Two experiences brought this idea together:
On Hallowe’en I put up some Roscoe Tough White Diffusion in the front Window of the Haus of Dada. It makes a terrific crisp rear projection both inside and out. I played clips of black and white monster movies and the scariest scenes from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Even before the sun set it was nicely visible from the street and I was surprised that even on such a rainy night people stopped and watched for longer than I expected. Some came back several times and some sent other family members.
On Nuit Blanche I did a performance projection installation where I was a 25 foot Queen at the corner of Queen Street West and University Ave. It was interesting to have huge walking by audience and again I was surprised how long people stood watched and interacted with me.
So I had an idea for a Happening. I think that is a perfect term for what I have in mind. On New Years Day from 7pm to 11pm I will project a selection of my Moment Study Videos out the large front window of The Haus of Dada.
I made an invite on Facebook, for some folks who have expressed an interested in seeing my video studies projected. But I’m not sending out invitations like a usual event, I am more interested in the experience of the passerby. I will set up a GoPro camera to catch the silhouettes of viewers.
I am keen to see what happens.

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Last week I got an email from an OCAD student who was doing a project on daily creativity and asked me to blog about a typical day in my studio. I am happy to oblige and documenting today November 12th. I was going to wait until a day where I had an interesting meeting or something extraordinary, then I realized that was missing the point. I think it’s more important what I do on a more typical day. I have no meetings, no phone calls planned. A regular work/ creative day.
I woke up at 9am without alarm, I’m proud of that. I’ve worked to become an early riser lately. I’m sure I’ll go back to a late schedule at some point. But this busy fall/winter I want to catch all the daylight I can. I get up and first snuzzle with my dog Tanner who sleeps on  next to my bed. I open the window to air out my bedroom, make my bed, put on my robe and head upstairs to my kitchen and studio.
Upstairs I greet Aqeel my young dog who sleeps in the living room, he guards the place. I kiss the top of his hot little head and he runs outside. I put on coffee, pour some blueberry juice and sit down to schedule my day. Today is my dad’s birthday and I will write on his Facebook wall, pour my coffee in my favourite snowman mug and give him a quick call. Actually I took a snapshot of a framed picture of us and posted that to his wall. I then check my Wunderlist Application, I have all my project listed there and I do a scan to refresh my brain on the status of my current work. I am making my morning list (9:30am).
Having my studio at home for the first time I take advantage of being a mere fifteen feet from my stove all day long, to simmer some super spaghetti sauce. Tonight I have one carnivore and one vegetarian friend for dinner so I’ll simmer two sauces for six hours or so for heavenly blended taste. First step is all the chopping which I like, I do this to music and do my best to be present and lose myself in every moment I can.
I sent a thank you email to folks who helped with research. I am always thrilled that folks want to help my storytelling. (9:30am)
I am doing Internet Movie Database updates (9:45am): Queen of the Parade went up on IMDb as the first feature length film co-directed by Carl Elster and I. I’m having some difficulty adding the folks who aren’t yet on their service- the art/theatre folks. And finally the Canadian Comedy Awards Nominations have gone up on their site which means I can finally add them to my profile. I was nominated three times for best actress in a film. One year I lost to Catherine O’Hara (bragging and name dropping is the lamest but I am very proud of this). Plane Crazy a feature doc in a tortuously long post production, will not go up on IMDb as we don’t have a release date. Submitted updates and got emailed receipts for the Canadian Comedy Awards.
I open the window for a bit of fresh air and lay out my camping mat and put on an 18 min relaxation muscle relax guided meditation from Youtube. Headphone, dark, quiet, incense. Ahhhh. (10:10am) I Birthday skyped with my Dad. We were both drinking coffee. Cute. (10:30am)
Now to prepare the chopped vegetables (10:35am). I’ll put on Diff’rent Stroked on Netflix during the chop. I will dance to the opening theme, it is inevitable. During this time, my ideas come to me, projects solidify and by imagination plays hooky from being an adult. I decided to grate the carrots for the vegetarian sauce, for heartiness. Also second cup of coffee. I had a little Quisinart chopper that Ben gave me awhile back. I got it all loaded up to chop finely and no go, the appliance didn’t work. So I chopped by hand and grated the carrot. Now it’s 11:30am and the sauce is on time. I have to remember to stir with either the meat or vegetarian wooden spoon. It took a whole hour to chop by hand and prep two sauces.
11:35 I checked LinkedIn and the new folks who added me. I don’t focus much on this site but it is a great way to directly connect. Got a call, my christmas present couch from my parents is on time for delivery tomorrow. I lent my neighbour some of our location traffic cones. Neighbour is waiting for a dumpster pick up and needed the spot in front of her house clear. Four cones are better than two chairs and a string.
I got an email through my site, a brazen young filmmaker declaring his talent in a misspelled email and threatening that if I don’t use his script it will be my loss. It sure will be. Also a synopsis of a script despite the clear message on the page that we don’t accept unsolicited screenplays. I got a reasonable intern application, my last intern Rob Small finished officially in September from Loyalist College Film and stuck around until just recently. He feels like one of the team. I could take someone new for the winter, I’ll think on it.
I have been pondering and meditating on my large scale video/performance/projection mapping installations for next year. I have been able to conceptualize and visualize roughly what I want to do. Working title is MAGICK. I want to reconnect with Vincent John Vincent of Gesture tek and let him know the the first project I spoke to him about (3d projection mapping installation for a Buddhist Temple) is something I decided to move away from and MAGICK is what I’m moving toward. I will find out next years Nuit Blanche themes (chosen but not announced) and start to craft this idea in order to mesh with the city’s idea for next year. I also want to investigate the other company interested in sponsoring our venture. My sponsor, friend and cinematographer Carl Elster brought in AVW TELAV as someone we might partner with. Exciting!
There is a magician I might bring in for MAGICK, I feel the theme of Victorian magician and classic magic tricks might be the way to go. I do a google search of Victorian magician. Google image searches are a big part of my work process. I’m very visual and that is a great way to give my brain stuff to chew on. I’m going to do another 8 minute meditation now after stirring sauce.
(12:15am) I am trying to find a contact phone number for the curator’s assistant for Fashion Arts Toronto, we are looking to possibly put Queen of the Parade into this event in the spring but I’m not sure if their set up can physically support our 25 foot dress with video legs. It was made for Nuit Blanche 2013 and I am happy that it might have a Toronto gallery show before it gets sold.


queen of the parade
I want to talk to someone in person at FAT to explain the weight, size and my plan on how we can hang it in a gallery. I’ll write a quick email to them to find out who I can talk to in person. Much better for me than emailing sketches back and forth.
(12:20am) I just had another inspiration for the new sound and image video study series I’m doing.I’m going to work on that for a bit, I’ll post the one I made two days ago, for those interested.
I am looking at projector specs, LED projectors are really coming down in price. I’m getting one for Christmas from the awesome John Taylor. There are these really cheap awesome little ones from China but the shipping isn’t awesome. John doesn’t want to risk that.

I stir the sauces. Woah they already smell and taste awesome. I just got sauce on my keyboard. I was going to make some apple carrot juice but after chopping vegetables for an hour I can’t look a carrot or apple in the face. Diff’rent Strokes is switched to a documentary called First Out of Africa. I find when I’m working I like something running. 1980s sit coms are great for the danceability every 22 minutes (the Alan Thick theme songs are the bomb). Or I like to learn things so is great. I was tickled when last year they featured a doc that I worked on Tales of the G20. I also like to have Eddie Izzard stand up running when I’m working too.

I am tweaking the master list of projects on This is the first time I’ve put all my projects in one place. Not needing traditional resumes (the closest was an actor CV) I’ve never done this before. I keep remembering projects and art shows that I have forgotten. Someone I want to work is skyping me… i’m going to take the video call. I’m tickled for the unexpected contact! (12:30pm).
My mind is buzzing from the very quick online story meeting. I need to think for awhile, let this stuff cook. (12:50pm) It’s strange writing everything down as I think of it or do it. It’s actually like having an intern- I speak everything out loud that I’m thinking so they can get a good sense of my process.
(1pm) I just sent my street address to my dinner company. Turns out I got the dinner day wrong- it’s tomorrow. But the sauce will actually be better tomorrow. So now I have a free evening to do anything I want. I might venture out with my new camera and shoot the alley art, which I am obsessed with. Ok back to story thinking. I think I will lie on the floor with my dogs, stretch and think about story structure.
(1:11pm) I actually re-arranged my studio a little bit. I’m always figuring out how to make my space better for the things I do. I have my video editing area, my easel (dabbling in painting with nail polish) my table and my meditating space (mat on floor with space to starfish my limbs out). I realize that perfecting a space is an ongoing process.  Thinking about it, I do this at least 10 minutes every day I’m here. This blog is very interesting for me to write, seeing exactly where I put my focus in a day. Now going to think and stretch. And eat some meat sauce.
I stretched, with my dogs and now I’m choosing a 6 minute and then an 8 minute meditation in the tub. I love turning my phone off and being unreachable. Its feels so free to be able to jump full force into a moment. and not be distracted. I just remembered two more art shows that I had pieces in at Buddies in Bad Times. Instead of adding them to my site and possibly get pulled back into my computer, I jotted them down on my paper list. At this point, I will meditated in the tub and then I think the sauce is far along enough to turn it to the lowest setting and head out to High Park with the dogs. This walking time is my second specific creative thinking time during a day. Sometimes I listen to music, Sometimes guided meditation. More often than not silence is the way to light my imagination on fire. Ok now the hot bath water will help soften my muscles for deep relaxation.  The calmness is intoxicating and the way forward creatively for me. The excitement comes natural, the energy comes when I’m excited. It’s the calm grounded feeling that I strive for every day. This feeling is how I know I’m doing the right thing. I ate some sauce on the way to meditate- the veg is tastier than the meat. What?! (1:43pm)
(2:48pm) Woah my thirty minute meditation bath turned into an hour- the ideas were flowing so I didn’t get out. As well as the meditations I did two guided hypnosis, also from youtube. Now I’m a bit of a prune but a relaxed energized one. I also had insights into my own create process and how I want to refine it. Thanks Student from OCAD for asking me to do this. I think I might adopt a streamlined version of this to keep track of my process to keep it fresh.  I like to document through art and video, I can do words/ process too. I just stirred the sauces and ate some more. Now I am heading for about 1.5 to 2hours to the trails in High Park with my dogs. The best time of the day for my body, heart, soul and brain. After I’ll write down a streamline of my process from bath/ meditation and dog walking. I was going to jot some notes, but I am going to trust my brain to remember and synthesize my thoughts when I get back. Brain, I trust you’ll spit it out even better after it cooks. Like my sauces.
(4:15pm) I got home from the park with a cool hardwood picture frame. I stirred the sauce and am now sitting at my work table with my laptop. I just Googled “longest simmering spaghetti sauce” and found a lady who simmers her sauce for 24 hours. That sounds like a euphemism but it’s not meant as one. I do little upkeep bits on all my projects and while I’m doing other stuff my actual creative work gets done.  Here are a few notes on the status of my current projects. I nurture them most days. At least to look at the list and keep the to-do items fresh in my head.
My Favourite Mistake:  My first feature film in the white tragedy style (a name that I have given my flavour of storytelling -it borrows much from black comedy). I have made 12 short films with this story telling mandate and I’m ready to move into long form. The characters are alive in my mind and after meeting with friend and adoption agent Maureen last week for research, I got some more authentic ideas based on her experiences from families in Toronto. It’s a story that involves adoption and I wanted to check the facts. I’m starting to see the shape of the overall story and scenes. And the ending is clear to me now too. I feel like these characters are friends that I care deeply about and I think about them often.
Jazz FM TD Bank Project: I am meeting with Ab Boles and hopefully Lorraine (of underground jazz joint)  to pick their brains for a good match of jazz musician for an upcoming project at The Revue Cinema. Jazz or Swing I think is the way. I’m keen to hear their thoughts on a kind of music I know nothing about. I would be making art videos that play on the silver screen if this project lines up.
I want to re-watch footage my intern shot of The Queen of the Parade going up running. It is still tricky to really explain the installation even with photos. So I think cutting together a few minutes of video is the way to show. The footage is shaky and blurry. I do wish there had been a bit more time put into this aspect. Luckily there are hundreds of videos posted online- I might do a collage of other people’s footage to show the 25 foot Queen off to her full glory and ten foot video legs.
Website tweaking, LinkedIn and IMDb are three ongoing picky things I do on a lot of days. I also really benefit from making something every day. Digital art/ pixel painting/ self portrait/ video study or art video. I find that my creative flow eking out little bits here and there, really adds up. The first two years I was sick I created more hours of therapeutic video art than I did whilst running a small production company.  A little bit every day. I guess I’m really understanding why it’s called an art practise. And a meditation practise. There is a such a benefit to the consistency. Since 2008 I have spent countless hours editing photos and video and now I am proficient in Final Cut and Photoshop, two skills I never thought I’d have.
The Brazil US Canada Project is an ongoing online collaboration with Luiz Barcello a Brazillian filmmaker, Steve Weiss a filmmaker/programmer and Lesie Barton and artist/filmmaker like myself. We haven’t had a meeting in awhile because of our schedules, but Luiz is coming to Toronto in December and I suspect hashing him here will freshen the interest. I’m keen to see where this goes.
Art installations in the works: MAGICK (projection mapping/ performance/ interactive) NEVERWET on WHITE (technology/ performance) WE CAN BE HEROES (performance with Lisa McKewan) and this idea I have about a tin bird man.
In writing this especially, I realize my days are full of millions of moment nurturing my creative process, body, mind and projects. I used to feel a rush in my work- like I should be farther along or have done more. Now I realize that I’m exactly in the right place and the very nature of the ease of a relaxed day is where I need to be to move forward with worthwhile work.
So that what I do on the most usual boring day that I have here at Haus of Dada in the dada laboratory. For me, it’s about stretching and nurturing my brain, spirit, imagination and physical body. And a commitment to myself to continually strive to find my most authentic voice.
I’m going to read this over and call it a day. At least I think so right now… I do like to keep regular hours to not burn out. Making only films I used to think “regular hours” were 12 hours to 18 hours a day seven days a week. Six to eight hours a day will ultimately yeild more creative output than pushing hard and crashing periodically like I used to.
I just remembered another two performance based art installations I was involved in. I can’t believe I forgot about Kent Monkman’s The Art Game. I was the most prolific artist in the world. Fun! I think every artist/ craftsperson/ maker of things should make a master list like I am to remember all their work no matter how big or small.
Yours truly and appreciatively
Lisa Anita Wegner.

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this is what i need to make stuff

this is what i need to make stuff

dear exhaustion: you can be a bit overbearing, like a parent grounding me when i have to rehearse and perform the lead in the school play. i appreciate the message but sometimes i have deadlines. but you know what exhaustion?  i appreciate you telling me to ease off.  even though it took about ten people’s help and you didn’t go easy on me, i managed to get everything done,  with one day to spare.  by next week the reno on my space should be finished and that will be like heaven on wheels. greased lighting wheels.  right now i am living in a cloud of construction dust, workman, cables, floor glue, and fumes. unable to locate anything and dogs barking at every workman move. that’s exhausting on it’s own.

dear ice: please cut me some slack especially when there is water on top. you’re slippery and i’m tired. i can’t fall anymore so i’m just taking main road. thanks i know you didn’t mean it.

dear technology:  i want to thank you for being my in house creative team. thank you for  always being available to me and for knowing my own creative brain . without you i wouldn’t be so creatively free.

dear brain injury you are a worthy opponent: you can kick my ass any day. any stress (physical illness, tiredness, over working) is compounded exponentially from the divine straight to the ridiculous. the trick my body is to shut my cognition down one level at a time. so  when i’m exhausted  the world doesn’t make a lot of sense. numbers, letters, sequences, passwords, phone numbers, questions, lists, addresses all lose their meaning. i feel that people are asking me things but the signal is interrupted.  just general thought process becomes extremely difficult. an example:  a task that i do every day like brushing my teeth: find tooth brush, find toothpaste, put the paste on the brush, run under tap, brush rinse what now what? ok done. these steps become challenges in themselves. preparing my toothbrush can take twenty minutes and then i’m literally in tears from the effort.

so this gets tricky when i have to keep on top of deadlines. especially because my tricky brain is shutting down and my tricky body is also trying to stop me: shooting adrenaline like i have to fight a bear.  the general tasks to run a body (eating hygiene etc) take it all out of me.  this last month i had several screenings, an larger art/film/fashion installation is starting up production, i have art showing next week and a speaking engagement. my  biggest fantasy is a day off with no workman in my house. a sleep in without wild barking at the work. being able to go to a social event without falling asleep and being able to follow a conversation.  having appetite (my appetite drops out when i have symptoms) is appealing too.

but after what felt like endless dark tunnel of tired, today there was a crack of light. after doing a few tasks and then walking tanner,  i didn’t feel like i’d run a marathon. my brain wasn’t thinking through glue. my body is only aching a burning a medium amount!  and i don’t feel overwhelmed with every tiny task. ahhh a type of heaven. it’s not the coolest feeling needing to be taken care of: not very empowering. i needed to make sure i was fed and driven to meetings and then home again. it’s hard to ask for help, especially with the basics of living.

on a side note, i am chuffed that google has accepted my work space as a “living modern art museum”  and am continually glad despite my life being such a challenge by creative brain is on fire. writing this has been tiring but i did it.

for those who follow me on facebook you can see that the harder a time i’m having, the more creative output i have. i update there everyday here is some stuff that got me though the last weeks: mouth music mashup

come here me speak march 6th in toronto.  “How Art Saved My Life” this week:

i feel my thinking slipping and it goes quickly. so i will bid you farewell for now. it’s been nice to be able to talk like this.

special thanks to all those who have gone above  and beyond this last month. you know who you are. thanks for the help, the food and the drives and all the support.

i really couldn’t do it without each and every one of you.

yours till the usa drinks canada dry


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Dear You,

If you are reading this letter, it means that I had the balls to send it. So yay me. I realize today walking in the sun that I was going to write to you. I really don’t know how to say it, so I just will.

I have met someone.

I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t looking, it just happened. It was a perfect storm of connection. It feels big, like I have been grabbed by the heart and the brain and they have my attention. It feels like home. It feels like a tall glass of water to a parched mouth.

I realized stuff about myself: I prefer my shapes asymmetrical and my colours rich. I dig kindness and one on one communication. Meditating is my second favourite altered state and drinking coffee is my second favourite activity. I can’t get enough of hanging out with dogs and children because they are present and alive and understand the importance of fun. I declare myself a hedonistic nerd with a wild side and untamed creative drive. I trip all the time and bang into things- I’m awkward and enthusiastic. When I’m stressed I can’t eat and when I’m calm I can eat a lot. I can find myself and lose myself in my work and strive for excellent. Being in a good mood is a choice I make hundreds of times a day. I love sleeping, stretching and lounging. Authentic words, images and stories are my thing. I want to shave half my head and paint a mural on my wall.  I like some video games and can drink beer if there is Ginger Ale in it. Lord.  Me me me me. This letter is packed with self indulgent douchbaggery!

If my tongue in cheek isn’t clear: I am entering an intimate relationship with myself. I am going to practise the habit of choosing the best for me. And that is my new place of emergence. I think everybody  should snack on some radical self love and acceptance.

This post is an homage to Hank Moody’s letter to Karen in the second season of Californication. (I want to open the flow my creative tap and make/try/play with as many ideas as I can.  Blogging: where so much is written, yet so little is said. Written by so many read by so few.)

2013 is going to be the best year yet, I can feel it in my bones.

Unfaithfully yours, Lisa Anita Wegner


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that kind of woman   and so the time comes again, the scotiabank nuit blanche art installation applications are due next monday at midnight. the exact minute that i will be doing my first live pixel painting projection at the drake hotel.  i am very much looking forward and here are the first images i have to show. i love being transparent with how my stuff comes together so i’m posting some steps of the work. i am excited to work with mr. brock mills at pixel flex and figure out the best use of the LED fabric. the idea really came to life when vanessa wishart of vicerra couture designed the gown for me. we will be making a patchwork of fabrics from other recycled gown and she captured the look i was hankering for. her idea to make it larger than life was when it was born.

this installation has morphed several times since it’s inception. originally called “marry the night” and then “i f##k like a man” i knew i wanted to play with the idea of the enormous fairy tale gown and i know i wanted to comment on my own sense of femininity. having been called a bad example of a woman and a bad feminist  i want to respond with this installation now called: “a woman like that “. with vanessa’s design, i thought i wanted to simplify the video content on the screen and decided to stick with representing myself through videos of different sets of legs. i am fascinated by how little you have to show to get a vibe, an image, a point across. i want to find the perfect legs/ shoes/ pants/ skirts/ walking attitudes for the video panel.

i believe i will stay with the soundtrack (those are speakers on the sides) “marry the night” by lady gaga. a mashup of the song, around lyrics and the low growling sounds.

i love the absurd, so the body proportions being off kilter struck my fancy. i am quite stoked to wear (or rather walk into) the gown. twelve hours is going to be quite something. although nothing compared to the great art installation at the moma “the artist is present”.

i am happy to have re-used my flight overalls from the film “from desert to dessert” (and my cowboy town boots from that same project) and add a gold belt and gold lettering as my costume/ uniform.  i have played around and preset my favourite effects for a good live art video hoedown for the aforementioned drake hotel event, elvis monday.

because of an unfortunate arts and crafts in my kitchen circumstance my hands and feet are covered with little cuts from broken glass. doesn’t affect editing or shooting but does hurt when holding dog leashes. sad face.

as i’m putting my installation together i realize i have to figure out how to edit video into unusual shapes and aspect ratios. hmmm, there is some noodling there. ow the glass cuts are bugging me. and so the working magic begins. i sound like an elf.


here is a sample of my video pixel painting video link: beer store improv #2

yours until the usa drinks canada dry,

lisa anita wegner

After 24 days of not having my laptop, today was the first day i had no meetings or plans but to catch up on all the emails in my inbox. Aand deliver some art that was sold months ago. I wanted to start shaping and planning my two new projects and say hello to out of touch patrons, friends and work folks.  Instead I’m intending to mail the art. And I am going to think about what I’m going to say to everyone because this computer is not thrilling me.

a migraine got me off track yesterday and unravelled my thinking by the afternoon. although i did get some sound creative work and some networking done early in the day. i am trying to get used to relaxing in to the cognitive unravelling and enjoy it. sometimes a few hours sometimes a few days- i am lost in the moment. now don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t be happier to have found the ability to live in the moment  that fully and now i have to blend that wonderful childlike space (which can be productive) with being reliable and deadline able. i realize this will be easier once i have more full time help again. having a place to work has really has helped and it will be christmas every day when I get back to my old production office life. i know how to streamline things now and i feel like my time will be so much better spent.

so this morning i felt clear, but my production to do lists were alphabet soup. i had a sense of the work i have to do. my next step is drinking water and i entered an online art contest- there is nothing like making a pixel painting to clear my mind. i entered a stock photo contest on ok that is made and entered and i feel more clear.

last night after relaxing and a long walk, after not thinking about deadlines at all, i thought about my list and i had clear sense of everything i needed to do for the projects. simple avenues to get to the final product. next steps, who to talk to and what to do. alleluja. right now, not so much. but i know it’s there.

i just had an idea of how to keep the workflow going. i am going to think on it. i will meet with my PM sarah and download into her again to refresh and now i can give her financial info to keep things moving without me. and last time i did that i was very productive afterward. i think the human connection helps to ground my thinking. i have phone calls to make to schedule the last of my trauma therapy but phone calls are not the thing to move me forward right now. man. although i think i will drink another glass of water, stretch, look at my list so it can percolate and then procure some food. i’ll listen to some music and take it from there.

by the end of the day i will have accomplished some list items. i can smell it in the air and taste it my coffee.

lisa anita wegner

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today i have a list of tasks to do for my films and for my upcoming art installation. this morning i realized my brain was not in place to do this. after a long work week last week and judging an art competition on the weekend i could feel my cognition slip and no matter how many times it happens, it is still scary. i know i have to not fight it, relax, do what i can and let it come back. in a fews hours of slipping cognition my body starts shooting adrenaline from the fear and badda boom i’m slipping in and out of crippling panic. sometimes i can’t breathe and get a cold sweat. once that happens i have to go back to basics and breathe. then the extreme fatigue sets in. then i have to talk myself through a few rituals; making coffee; brushing my teeth; showering, walking my dogs; making art. i have realized it’s impossible to think myself out of the hole, but i can focus on other things that grab me. i have found documentaries on brain, communication and consciousness and art can grab me.

because i am now working with a deadline i have to make my day work and then preparing my brain to do my tasks then becomes my work. the stress of not having the cognitive abilities to do simple things, while there is a deadline… can be… well deadly.

first of all the other day i decided to bring on an experienced production manager named sarah. this on the whole was a nice big step toward productivity because once i have downloaded the project into her brain (her expression) then i have another knowledgable problem solver with me. in the past weeks i have tried to set up a volunteer to help me but it ended up being too stressful for my current situation.

so today i have a short list of tasks (financing and creative) and at the moment they are written down on a list and as i’ve been working my way out of my brain hole, some solutions have already come to mind. right now they are fuzzy but i trust they are there. this manoeuver is basically an act of faith. it helps for me to picture the event im working toward, visualize the films looking gorgeous and sounding sharp. and the event going silky smooth and inspiring people.

then i made a picture of how i feel right now. this morning’s picture is called signal interrupted for obvious reasons. and then i decided to write this blog. i feel like i am both parent and toddler. i need to be entertained and distracted and then be ready and focused when my brain is prepped.

i need to stay in the moment and not look at the time. i need to know that i can do this and the pathway i have found through art making and now blogging is the safest way through.

the good thing is that once i can rig jig my brain to be able to do my tasks, i am so focussed that i go through them quickly and deliberately simply. and once i get through the list the relief feels like christmas morning.

i’m going to make some more art to figure out where i am at now. and then i can sneak the work in. i have been at this process figuring out a systematic approach for years now and this is the first larger scale project that i have taken on since getting sick in 2008.

i feel this is the path i will take to get back into full time film production, while it can be a tiring amount of work it actually steam lines things for me. i do think i need a full time volunteer assistant until i can bring someone onboard full time.

yay the ever changing brain,

lisa anita wegner

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preparation for nuit blanche, september 29th 2012:

ever since i was a child i’ve had projects: art projects; film projects; theatre projects. many needed a team from 15 to 50+ people. filmmaking acting and being a and creative producer became my living and now i think of my story telling as my life’s work.

and because of health circumstances, i  have been largely working on project by myself since 2008. my video art projects sometimes include other people but no real co-ordinating. it happens on the spot and then i usually finish them in one or two days. and my art  making is always just me.

i have made several short films with more layers to put together and it would take me an inordinate amount of time to do tasks like getting funding, price quotes and scheduling because numbers  letters on occasion don’t hold meaning for me. i was able to complete one animated/ art music video for Jane Sibbery and handle a few documentary shoot days but otherwise had to pass larger projects onto colleagues.

working alone on creative projects is enlightening, surprisingly fulfilling and has honed my creative skills. i have slowly been ramping up my projects preparing to get back to a more traditional indie filmmaking. i’ve had some terrific help and creative conspirators.

so now i’m ramping up my work load preparing for my film and art installation at the revue cinema. i thought i could do with volunteer interns, but i realize i need to pull a little from the budget and get me a pro pm/line producer. it was interesting typing up the job application i was thinking “i’d hire me” and it’s a surreal experience because my cognition won’t allow that. and in fact i am terrible  -at the moment- at the nuts and bolts of producing because it’s so familiar and i know what to do but if it try to hold on to details, especially dealing with numbers and coordinating they just won’t stick. just hours ago brought someone on and i feel a big relief that i will have another brain on the project who will have the big picture in mind.

now that i have my first meeting with my new PM/line producer early next week, i can relax back into my creative work days knowing the larger project  will be taken care of.


i love using this online photo and digital art application called MURO from deviantART. so even without my computer,  i can make and save stuff. and it automatically saves the process which i love watching. i ❤ digital.

lisa anita wegner


hello sunday,

i have been thinking about the nature of my creativity and i wanted to write down my thoughts to bring it into focus for myself. right now i am sitting in my living room with my dogs sleeping in odd positions around my feet. there is coffee brewing for my upcoming evening of editing and i feel very content in my life.  there are some crappy things going on too mind you, my life is not perfect. my life is beautifully inspiringly imperfect.

i have been figuring out how to use my pixel-playing and my filmmaking to make my life more authentic and to use it as a vehicle for truth telling. sometimes i have flashes of seeing how i can make my life and work merge if i really nurture this and continuously re-dedicate myself to it. ok that sounds overblown, but bear with me.

i have a short film that i have been cutting in my imagination quite diligently for months now.  i have all the clips in my editing system. i’ve watched all related footage several times. but i literally have made all the cuts and snips in my head. today i woke up and thought: this is the day. i re-watched everything, listened to the audio and went over my notes. i believe tonight i will follow up all my thinking with doing and finish it. i used to think i was procrastinating, but know i think i just wasn’t ready. the film had not finished cooking in my head.

i realize since going to phoenix i value myself as an artist in a different way. i didn’t like or use the word artist, in fact i used to secretly make fun of people who used the term in relation to themselves (now only if someone declares themselves an auteur).

i have chosen to align myself with colleagues friends and playmates who are positive, happy simple in their actions and pro-active. it’s a joy to be pulled along or cradled by others on my own creative projects.

now there is nothing holding me back from blooming fully. i have projects and people and teams effortlessly lining up. there are really solid people in my life. i see the power of pre-thinking and wise choosing. and best of all i have an easy flow stories that i am learning how to tell.

if you want to see these creative fruits of which i speak, then come to see my art show  and screening “some assembly required” which opens april 26th at triangle gallery- near queen and dufferin. come to the opening and have a drink. or come any other day to remain anonymous and avoid awkward small talk.

kate meier found  the quote i’m going to paint on the gallery wall:

“But most of all, I love the free feeling in the pictures and stories of William Steig. As Jane Bayard Curley wrote in her essay “A Life of Creative Energy,” “His imagination simply flowed through the pen and onto the page.” No true artist or creative person would disagree: This freedom, this flow, is what we all strive for.



i am looking forward to the following things:
becoming more involved with the revue cinema society; my first gallery show; watching the rest of the prints be done; finishing post production on “one desert, two desserts” and seeing it on the silver screen; looking further into 259 mcdonnell as a shared studio and workspace; shooting something cool with carl elster and his wicked camera package; making my wife happy, getting my dog trim and fit; spending time with John Bertram; catching up on the post production of “plane crazy”; writing out the treatment for “my favourite mistake”; choosing a new inspiring intern; working more fully with arts planner sue edworthy; getting my first hdslr camera; getting a new macbook pro; and drinking the first delicious marbled cup of coffee of the day.


his is a double blog post about the last two creative projects i was involved in.

how it must feel being in a zoo:

i had the pleasure of working as a performer with artist Kent Monkman for THE ART GAME,  an installation at the Toronto Art Fair. 
i played the most prolific artist in the world. the piece is a fun house with a side show feel. i was in a windowed room painting in a twelve armed outfit.
hundreds of people walked by the window in the time i was in there. and apparently if there is a piece of glass between audience and performer, the audience thinks you can’t hear them.

favourite overheard comments:
child: does that painter use all her arms to paint? father: (exasperated) people have two arms.
she’s not painting
she’s not real
she’s not dipping the brush
an hour ago she was a man
this is bullshit
i don’t want her to paint me
i don’t want her looking at me like that (I wasn’t even looking at that person)
bang bang on glass get to work
and the cake taker: a guy who started taking his clothes off and rubbing his nipples the evening of the gala. classy.
i’m making a little video about how it felt being in a box and watched. i’ll post it soon.
the inspiration perspiration balance:
i recently had the pleasure of working on a music video for Jane Siberry’s latest album the THREE QUEEN’S TRILOGY.
this was the first time i generated creative content -by myself- for a project for someone else. running my own production company i was usually the overseer of the creative and had the final say with the director. in this case, i did have the excellent Ingrid Veninger as creative consultant which was terrific. this was my first hands on everything gig and boy did i love it.
the video is comprised largely of pixel paintings and animation generated by laptop, which is under equipped for such endeavours.
i started pixel painting when i was recovering from illness, i came up with the process during my art therapy. when i experienced waves of anxiety i would pixel paint to calm myself down. i literally would sit down at my computer, go out of myself and make something without any deliberate thinking whatsoever.
so this art creation was a far cry from my usual film maker workflow. and i had abundant faith that it would work out, but i wasn’t sure how. especially with a ten day deadline.
to prepare i listened to the whole album and specifically the song WHEN WE ARE A VAMPIRE. when i felt ready i sat down an made something. something to send in. a starting point. looking back that first cut was pretty balanced and flowed okay but was entirely images of me. so i start afresh with some notes from Ingrid and some pictures of Jane.
the second cut and the third cut felt less inspired and less artistic. i didn’t like what i was making.
i lost the effortless flow when i had to factor in the other parameters. and then all of a sudden, my worked kinda sucked. so here i was three cuts later, with three days to deliver and i had nothing. so i guess this is what my panicking directors felt like. not being inclined to panic myself, i broke it down like i would for helping a director.
i made steps and i followed them myself. i listened to the music without thinking, i re-read all the notes i had from my other versions, and took some time away and stay focused and relaxed.
i sat down with all these elements in my head and i started. i came up for a breath and the cut was almost done. it was coming today. yeah! i sent it in and got positive feedback.
from there it was familiar again, taking notes and finessing. i did it! the video is being launched today on hallowe’en and it came together.
i once told someone we were a faith based company and they though i meant religious. but meant faith in the project and faith in the process. faith in oneself and faith in ones creative ability.

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after pushing myself a little last week, i got a migraine and after that slept for the most part of two days. i was thinking maybe i’m getting sick with a flu or some such thing. but then i remembered/realized that i don’t need to be sick to listen to my body when it wants sleep.

sleep and i have always been very much in love. and i will enthusiastically continue my love affair.

two things happened in my sleepy week: i’m getting a lot more practical and creative ideas; and i feel like my general curiosity for all things has blossomed.

thank you bbc3 and bb4 you make the best documentaries. i can’t get enough of octopuses, the human body, the mind, how big ships are built, politics, ancient egypt, cave dwellers, drummers, wildlife, undersea mysteries, gypsy weddings, dancing boys of afganistan, conspiracy theories, the history of design, art and photography. i’m eating it all up and i’m still very hungry. knowing the world seems like a good idea to tell stories, in fact it now seems mandatory for good perspective.

i feel like i am finally getting enough rest so my body and soul is happy and my curiosity for the world is piqued. i feel like a child because i get happy for small things like when i’m using a new toothbrush. appreciation for smooth clean teeth brings me contentment.

so i will sleep. i will take my time. i will listen to my body. and while this feels opposite to my previous history of endless doing and finishing projects of all descriptions. i bet with this new calm schedule based on my needs things are going to get exponentially better. i’ll bet i’ll get more done is less time.

i am very excited for the next chapter of mighty brave productions and the first chapter of the dufferson herman arts umbrella.  Big Love

Lisa Anita Wegner



I am proud of myself because I decided to postpone my Toronto screenings. I realized I wasn’t quite ready to do the talkback to my hometown friends and colleagues. Speaking in Phoenix was terrific practise, but as the date was looming ahead I realized clearly I needed more time. I have always listened to my impulses, or so I thought. I would override them with logic if something seemed good for my career. Now I realize that I am my career and my comfort is the most important thing. So I postponed everything and am taking my time, working on my artists statements, shaping the larger projects, and creating a steady flow of pixel painting.


Here’s the second draft of my newest statement:

Using a variety of techniques I interrogate traditional expectations and limitations of photography. My canvass, or the matrix I play in, is a digitized photograph or image which is photographed of found. The process is entirely organic, with fluid improvisation and no rules. I take the image back and forth between Picnik, Pixelmator and Photoshop to get the look I want.

My goal is an expressive image that is the emotional equivalent  to what I visualize.  I love that i can do anything in this reality, things that occur in my imagination. I can make anything I want and anything can have any colour, texture and exist anywhere. Each image is a fully developed story that takes shape in my head.

My face, taken by my computer webcam as I’m working, appears in many of my images. At first i wasn’t sure why, but now it understand that it’s my filter and reflects that everything you see is computer made. It’s a kind of signature. Already in the first several months of intense pixel painting I have found evolving styles of working and remain very influenced by the dada movement.

da·da (dä’dä) n. A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity. [French dada, hobbyhorse, Dada, of baby-talk origin.]

Haus Of Gaga has an army of creative talent working for Lady Gaga’s vision. Haus Of Dada is what I have called my two dogs, my computer and yours truly working for Lady Dada’s vision.  I know I am on the right track because I have effortlessly made over 200 pieces in 2011.


In other news: my film PLANE CRAZY (feature doc) is happily in production, with location shooting in California. Thanks John Bertram for keeping the torch lit on this project and now making it an international shoot.

TALES FROM THE G20 (feature doc) is completed and I look forward to seeing where this great project goes. I was so happy I could work with The Open Media Initiative on this eye opening project. I’m keen to get over my fear of the police violence I saw and be able to watch and promote the film.

I realized a long time ago that I make art and films for myself, but if just one person likes something I’ve made, it makes it all feel worth it on a new level. I got the best email from a Phoenix audience member yesterday:

Hi All at Mighty Brave Productions!

I attended the shorts event at FilmBar in Phoenix, AZ, earlier this summer. I was entertained and incredibly moved by the series. I have been searching for  the short film “Who am I…?” since the event, but have not found it anywhere. Is this piece available for download/purchase? I would very much like to share this with a close friend and relative.

Your film says so much without saying a word. Thank you, again, for sharing your very personal experiences in a manner that helps others! You rock!!

April Goldstein 




ever since i went to phoenix at the end of june, i have felt like myself again. maybe even more like myself than ever before.

while there i met excellent people, including a programmer steve weiss, who i have been working with since 2006.

i went down for a screening of “so who am i anyway?” at the phoenix art museum. this was the first time one of my personal video art projects was seen by a wider  and more diverse audience. it was exhilirating and weird yet awesome. someone in the audience said to me, “promise me you won’t stop making films”. it felt so good to put myself out there. you can’t bottle that stuff.

steve programmed “an evening of mighty brave films” with a talkback at film bar. these 5 mighty brave films and 5 personal pieces and the audience questions helped me see creatively where i came from, where i was, and where i was going. the appreciation i felt in phoenix definitely played a part in helping me to remember who i am.

and falling in love with the desert didn’t hurt either.

since then i have been generating an endless and effortless flow of creative content. just me, myself, my computer, my art room and i.  stories are squeezing out of my pores, ears and tear ducts.

now my work is dictated by the creative flow and the stories are showing up fully formed. the thing that used to get my down was when i couldn’t make stuff. doing anything in traditional film production required at least 20 people and and is not cheap. but from this low fidelity lowbrow grassroots medium i get the same thrill. it’s the same crack. and it’s all up to me.

now i have to schedule breaks in my day, because if i don’t i’ll have my paws in some pixels. creatively i can see where i’m going and a whole array of projects are presenting themselves to me. the next larger scope/scale multimedia is “the interface is the message”.

multimedia piece based on 2 images (not this one).

here’s my artist statement in progress:

using a variety of techniques i interrogate traditional expectations and limitations of photography. my canvass, or the matrix i play in, is a digitized photograph or image. the process is entirely organic, with fluid improvisation and no rules.

my goal is an expressive image that is the emotional equivalent  to what i visualize.  i love that i can do anything in this reality, things that occur in my imagination. i can make anything i want and anything can have any colour, texture and  exist anywhere.

my face, taken by my computer webcam, appears in many of my images. at first i wasn’t sure why, but now it understand. it is my filter and everything you see is computer made. it’s almost like my signature.

“i work to attain a state of heart”  quote i like by photographer paul camponigro from an exhibition catalogue from 1983.

haus of gaga has an army of creative talent working for lady gaga’s vision. haus of dada is two dogs, my computer and yours truly working for lady dada’s vision.

da·da (dä’dä) n. A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity. [French dada, hobbyhorse, Dada, of baby-talk origin.]

lisa anita wegner, who is not good at blog layout. yet.







Staring Down Andy was shot at Practical Art by Bryn Corbett.






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