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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it

Yesterday I sat straight up awake while I was meditating and I saw the elements of a new art installation. Now that I’m sitting in silence and listening inwardly on a daily basis, my interior world has become clear and more obvious to me. I rejoice that I feel a clear connection to my creativity and to what is important.
This installation will take awhile to shape. I feel like this a way to tie together all intense experiences in my life, and contemplate my take on the human emotional and physical guidance system. I have a couple of visuals in mind, I’ve sketched them out and I’m keen to see which one will stay in the long run. I saw a mirrored room which gives the feeling of Inner Space where the audience will step in with me. I am keen to see how projections would bounce in such a space. And what happens when I write on the mirror.
I overheard someone on the street say “I wish I didn’t have emotions, I hate them.” I kept thinking about this sentence and I realized that I understand my emotions as my Guidance System. And they are the very thing that makes me human, they are the boundaries that make us separate. To ask to have no emotion is a plea to feel better, but it is basically to wish yourself away. And then I realized more than that I saw my all emotions were like my little buddy sitting on my lap. Now that I work closely with my little buddy I realize my emotions know more than I do about myself. And a body carries a lot of intelligence and I am learning to also listen to somatic resources. With my stress disorder, for years my emotions felt unhinged and totally overwhelming. One of the ways that I dealt with my screaming emotions was to figure them out, figure myself out and set my life in clear healthy order. Every day I work to be more honest with myself and to truthfully face what my inner world is telling me.
So not only have I made peace with my emotions and guidance system, I want to create an art installation that rejoices in this and might give the audience a glimpse into how they might make  peace with themselves. To be in a healthy balanced helm of their own existence. And live a life perfectly suited.
It will be fun cool and spacey, nothing preachy or dreary by any means. I want to synthesize my ideas into the shape of this installation. The process will be mostly for me. And then the piece, I think, will really tell the story of what I learned so far about being human.

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