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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it

that kind of woman   and so the time comes again, the scotiabank nuit blanche art installation applications are due next monday at midnight. the exact minute that i will be doing my first live pixel painting projection at the drake hotel.  i am very much looking forward and here are the first images i have to show. i love being transparent with how my stuff comes together so i’m posting some steps of the work. i am excited to work with mr. brock mills at pixel flex and figure out the best use of the LED fabric. the idea really came to life when vanessa wishart of vicerra couture designed the gown for me. we will be making a patchwork of fabrics from other recycled gown and she captured the look i was hankering for. her idea to make it larger than life was when it was born.

this installation has morphed several times since it’s inception. originally called “marry the night” and then “i f##k like a man” i knew i wanted to play with the idea of the enormous fairy tale gown and i know i wanted to comment on my own sense of femininity. having been called a bad example of a woman and a bad feminist  i want to respond with this installation now called: “a woman like that “. with vanessa’s design, i thought i wanted to simplify the video content on the screen and decided to stick with representing myself through videos of different sets of legs. i am fascinated by how little you have to show to get a vibe, an image, a point across. i want to find the perfect legs/ shoes/ pants/ skirts/ walking attitudes for the video panel.

i believe i will stay with the soundtrack (those are speakers on the sides) “marry the night” by lady gaga. a mashup of the song, around lyrics and the low growling sounds.

i love the absurd, so the body proportions being off kilter struck my fancy. i am quite stoked to wear (or rather walk into) the gown. twelve hours is going to be quite something. although nothing compared to the great art installation at the moma “the artist is present”.

i am happy to have re-used my flight overalls from the film “from desert to dessert” (and my cowboy town boots from that same project) and add a gold belt and gold lettering as my costume/ uniform.  i have played around and preset my favourite effects for a good live art video hoedown for the aforementioned drake hotel event, elvis monday.

because of an unfortunate arts and crafts in my kitchen circumstance my hands and feet are covered with little cuts from broken glass. doesn’t affect editing or shooting but does hurt when holding dog leashes. sad face.

as i’m putting my installation together i realize i have to figure out how to edit video into unusual shapes and aspect ratios. hmmm, there is some noodling there. ow the glass cuts are bugging me. and so the working magic begins. i sound like an elf.


here is a sample of my video pixel painting video link: beer store improv #2

yours until the usa drinks canada dry,

lisa anita wegner

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