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preparation for nuit blanche, september 29th 2012:

ever since i was a child i’ve had projects: art projects; film projects; theatre projects. many needed a team from 15 to 50+ people. filmmaking acting and being a and creative producer became my living and now i think of my story telling as my life’s work.

and because of health circumstances, i  have been largely working on project by myself since 2008. my video art projects sometimes include other people but no real co-ordinating. it happens on the spot and then i usually finish them in one or two days. and my art  making is always just me.

i have made several short films with more layers to put together and it would take me an inordinate amount of time to do tasks like getting funding, price quotes and scheduling because numbers  letters on occasion don’t hold meaning for me. i was able to complete one animated/ art music video for Jane Sibbery and handle a few documentary shoot days but otherwise had to pass larger projects onto colleagues.

working alone on creative projects is enlightening, surprisingly fulfilling and has honed my creative skills. i have slowly been ramping up my projects preparing to get back to a more traditional indie filmmaking. i’ve had some terrific help and creative conspirators.

so now i’m ramping up my work load preparing for my film and art installation at the revue cinema. i thought i could do with volunteer interns, but i realize i need to pull a little from the budget and get me a pro pm/line producer. it was interesting typing up the job application i was thinking “i’d hire me” and it’s a surreal experience because my cognition won’t allow that. and in fact i am terrible  -at the moment- at the nuts and bolts of producing because it’s so familiar and i know what to do but if it try to hold on to details, especially dealing with numbers and coordinating they just won’t stick. just hours ago brought someone on and i feel a big relief that i will have another brain on the project who will have the big picture in mind.

now that i have my first meeting with my new PM/line producer early next week, i can relax back into my creative work days knowing the larger project  will be taken care of.


i love using this online photo and digital art application called MURO from deviantART. so even without my computer,  i can make and save stuff. and it automatically saves the process which i love watching. i ❤ digital.

lisa anita wegner


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