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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it

hello sunday,

i have been thinking about the nature of my creativity and i wanted to write down my thoughts to bring it into focus for myself. right now i am sitting in my living room with my dogs sleeping in odd positions around my feet. there is coffee brewing for my upcoming evening of editing and i feel very content in my life.  there are some crappy things going on too mind you, my life is not perfect. my life is beautifully inspiringly imperfect.

i have been figuring out how to use my pixel-playing and my filmmaking to make my life more authentic and to use it as a vehicle for truth telling. sometimes i have flashes of seeing how i can make my life and work merge if i really nurture this and continuously re-dedicate myself to it. ok that sounds overblown, but bear with me.

i have a short film that i have been cutting in my imagination quite diligently for months now.  i have all the clips in my editing system. i’ve watched all related footage several times. but i literally have made all the cuts and snips in my head. today i woke up and thought: this is the day. i re-watched everything, listened to the audio and went over my notes. i believe tonight i will follow up all my thinking with doing and finish it. i used to think i was procrastinating, but know i think i just wasn’t ready. the film had not finished cooking in my head.

i realize since going to phoenix i value myself as an artist in a different way. i didn’t like or use the word artist, in fact i used to secretly make fun of people who used the term in relation to themselves (now only if someone declares themselves an auteur).

i have chosen to align myself with colleagues friends and playmates who are positive, happy simple in their actions and pro-active. it’s a joy to be pulled along or cradled by others on my own creative projects.

now there is nothing holding me back from blooming fully. i have projects and people and teams effortlessly lining up. there are really solid people in my life. i see the power of pre-thinking and wise choosing. and best of all i have an easy flow stories that i am learning how to tell.

if you want to see these creative fruits of which i speak, then come to see my art show  and screening “some assembly required” which opens april 26th at triangle gallery- near queen and dufferin. come to the opening and have a drink. or come any other day to remain anonymous and avoid awkward small talk.

kate meier found  the quote i’m going to paint on the gallery wall:

“But most of all, I love the free feeling in the pictures and stories of William Steig. As Jane Bayard Curley wrote in her essay “A Life of Creative Energy,” “His imagination simply flowed through the pen and onto the page.” No true artist or creative person would disagree: This freedom, this flow, is what we all strive for.


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