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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it


ever since i went to phoenix at the end of june, i have felt like myself again. maybe even more like myself than ever before.

while there i met excellent people, including a programmer steve weiss, who i have been working with since 2006.

i went down for a screening of “so who am i anyway?” at the phoenix art museum. this was the first time one of my personal video art projects was seen by a wider  and more diverse audience. it was exhilirating and weird yet awesome. someone in the audience said to me, “promise me you won’t stop making films”. it felt so good to put myself out there. you can’t bottle that stuff.

steve programmed “an evening of mighty brave films” with a talkback at film bar. these 5 mighty brave films and 5 personal pieces and the audience questions helped me see creatively where i came from, where i was, and where i was going. the appreciation i felt in phoenix definitely played a part in helping me to remember who i am.

and falling in love with the desert didn’t hurt either.

since then i have been generating an endless and effortless flow of creative content. just me, myself, my computer, my art room and i.  stories are squeezing out of my pores, ears and tear ducts.

now my work is dictated by the creative flow and the stories are showing up fully formed. the thing that used to get my down was when i couldn’t make stuff. doing anything in traditional film production required at least 20 people and and is not cheap. but from this low fidelity lowbrow grassroots medium i get the same thrill. it’s the same crack. and it’s all up to me.

now i have to schedule breaks in my day, because if i don’t i’ll have my paws in some pixels. creatively i can see where i’m going and a whole array of projects are presenting themselves to me. the next larger scope/scale multimedia is “the interface is the message”.

multimedia piece based on 2 images (not this one).

here’s my artist statement in progress:

using a variety of techniques i interrogate traditional expectations and limitations of photography. my canvass, or the matrix i play in, is a digitized photograph or image. the process is entirely organic, with fluid improvisation and no rules.

my goal is an expressive image that is the emotional equivalent  to what i visualize.  i love that i can do anything in this reality, things that occur in my imagination. i can make anything i want and anything can have any colour, texture and  exist anywhere.

my face, taken by my computer webcam, appears in many of my images. at first i wasn’t sure why, but now it understand. it is my filter and everything you see is computer made. it’s almost like my signature.

“i work to attain a state of heart”  quote i like by photographer paul camponigro from an exhibition catalogue from 1983.

haus of gaga has an army of creative talent working for lady gaga’s vision. haus of dada is two dogs, my computer and yours truly working for lady dada’s vision.

da·da (dä’dä) n. A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity. [French dada, hobbyhorse, Dada, of baby-talk origin.]

lisa anita wegner, who is not good at blog layout. yet.

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